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Neo interface

The interface provides secure anchorage of seat to the NEO wheelbase. The interface used for over ten years has been especially designed with the client in mind, and ensures the quick securing and releasing of the seat to the wheelbase every time.

All interfaces contain snap over plastic locking cams with the security of a stainless steel back up for adding strength and vehicle transportation.

The Matrix Interface is widely used with other seating systems and interface kits come complete with all the necessary fittings such as brackets, clip lugs, cams and pivot tubes. For even more strength, plated steel cross tubes are now recommended and available on request.


interface options

Seating systems successfully interfaced include:

  • Active designs Cap 2 using passive (board) interface system
  • Delichon Foam Karve
  • Leckey Mygo using Wheelchair adaptor and (Horacek) seat shell interface
  • Tendercare Wheelchair interface system
  • Otto Bock parallel adaptor and (Horacek) seat shell interface
  • V-trak from Performance Health Products

If you are in any doubt regarding interfacing, please contact us.