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NEO - The Wheelbase of choice for the 21st century

NEO offers as standard enhanced features including:

  • Telescopic push handles
  • Variable backrest angle
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 35° tilt in space
  • Seat depth adjustable
  • 120kg load capacity
  • Hub lock combination cable & lever operated brakes
  • Ideal for use with a wide range of custom seating options and interfaces



Crash tested in accordance with ISO 7176/19


technical specifications


Maximum Load including
Seating System and Luggage


Frame weight
(excluding accessories)


316 Stainless Steel

Seat Depth 390 - 460mm
Seat rail Diameter 25.4 (1 inch)
Tilt angle 35 degrees
Tilt Mechanism

Single gas strut or
electric actuator

Width adjustment
(Factory Set)

370 - 510mm
Wheel Lock

'Hub Lock' Cam,
operated by lever

Cable Brake

Single lever,
dual cable

Overall length 700 - 760mm
Overall width 500 - 610mm
Height 960mm
Push handle extension 220mm