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The neo’s unique telescopic width adjustment and stainless steel construction ensure durability, longevity and re-usablity.  It is extremely popular with NHS Wheelchair services and Companies providing specialist seating and wheel-base solutions.

neo is ideal to be used with a wide range of custom seating options and interfaces, and comes complete with a range of affordable accessories.


Interfaces with the neo and other wheelbases.  Matrix is built to the client's needs using either a direct fit process or traditional plaster cast method, created by a highly qualified Matrix engineer.

The Matrix Seat includes custom made and machine washable upholstery in a wide range of colours, ensuring a hygienic and healthy seating environment.

What People Say

Stuart Morling, Founder

Our products are designed for durability, Longevity and re-usability.

Occupational Therapist

We use neo wheelbases because they are sturdy with very stable frames that grow with our clients.

We manufacture in the UK to ensure our high standards are met.

Steve Doble,

General Manager

neo Wheelbase Prescription Form


User Manual


Technical Manual

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