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Matrix Seating

The Matrix Seating System, using quality components originally designed by engineers at University College London has an excellent history of safety and efficiency.

Used internationally for the more involved disabled client, it remains a very adaptable choice for special seating needs.

With the ability to adjust and grow the Matrix Seat is a cost effective alternative to other systems, removing the need for constant replacement.

The open structure of the Matrix sheet reduces overheating for clients and allows for both a tactile and visual assessment of fit.

Matrix Seat
Direct Client Fitting

Direct fitting method using the Matrix Fitting Frame allows for a degree of experimentation in positioning which is unique to the Matrix Seating System. This negates the need for a mid-fit which is the more costly route when using hot formed or carved foam moulded seating systems.

Wheelbase and Seat Base

Long term adjustability makes Matrix an excellent choice for young people as regular adjustments can keep pace with their growing and changing needs. Advances in the clamping mechanism of each Matrix Unit means that framing can be kept to a minimum which makes adjustments easy and cost effective.


The Interface is the foundation of the framing process providing secure anchorage of Seat and frame to the wheelbase of choice. The Matrix Interface ensures the quick securing and releasing of the seat to the wheelbase every time.

All Interfaces contain snap over plastic locking cams with the security of a Stainless Steel back up for added strength and vehicle transportation. Interfaces are available in three sizes, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″.

The Matrix Interface is widely used with other seating systems and interface kits come complete with all the necessary fittings such as brackets, clip lugs, cams and pivot tubes. For even more strength, plated steel cross tubes are now recommended and available on request.

Upholstery Fabrics

Matrix Seat Covers are completely removable and machine washable. Available in a wide range of colours they offer a hygienic, attractive and comfortable finish to the seat.  A gallery of colour and material variants can be found be clicking here.

Custom made, they can incorporate added features including specialist pressure relieving materials. They can be designed with built in pockets and include straps with zips to aid fitting and removal. High wear areas such as corners and headrests can be reinforced with Dartex.

Standard covers use 100% polyester jersey fabric and 20mm CMHR foam which combined meets the furniture fire safety regulations.

Fabrics Gallery
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